My anime and manga journey began at 5am, when I would crawl out of bed as a fresh faced 7 year old to watch Kimba and Astroboy on TV, quietly, in the darkness. Growing up with a wonderfully artistic mother, generous father and a brother as equally into gaming, sci-fi movies and anime there’s no surprise it is a large part of my life. By no means were we gaming shut-ins, but competitive and involved with our friends sharing the burden of making it through those damned underwater levels (on every platformer ever), beating the crap out of each other in Tekken and yelling insults when we died in Resident Evil. With 9 kids in the street, everyone with a different console at home the rainy days were pretty welcome.

My art also took a turn into anime and manga style after I graduated from Lion King and Disney (I could draw Simba without a reference! Woo!) and moved onto Ghibli, Pokemon and Sailor Moon. I still love drawing, and wish I had more time to immerse myself in my art like I used to, there are so many fanarts to be drawn. Now my spare time is used wisely with catching up on new manga chapters and anime episodes and movies, and stalking around art websites like DA and Instagram to look at all the beautiful, beautiful artwork.