Review: Fairy Tail Collection 17 (Blu-Ray)

In this volume of Fairy Tail we are at the tale end of the Grand Magic Games (an annual competition held to determine the strongest guild in Fiore). Only the most powerful wizards are left to clash to see who is the victor of the games. Meanwhile behind the scenes our main protagonist Natsu is on a secret mission with a select few wizards (Wendy, Mirajane & Lilly) to rescue captive Lucy & Yukino and to discover the darkness that is surrounding the kingdom Fiore.


This volume continues the battle between Fairy Tail’s Gajeel and Sabertooth’s Rogue Cheney, where we last left off Rogue admits defeat, as he can’t match up to Gajeel’s power. Just as you think the battles over Rogue hears a voice, it’s his shadow stating that he will grant him the power to become stronger and fuzes with Rogue. This gives him the power to use Shadow Dragon Slayer magic and turn the tables on Gajeel. However lets not forget that Gajeel had months to train and hone his skills before the games and reveals his new power due to rigorous training – Iron Hand Shadow. Before long the battle ends and Gajeel reins victorious and the shadow leaves Rogues body.

Meanwhile as Natsu and company escape the Abyss Palace, they open the door to the exit, which reveals a dark figure wearing a hood, and asks who they are. Upon further conversation she reveals her identity, she’s in fact Lucy, but from the future. She’s travelled back in time with the use of the Eclipse 2 Gate and requires the teams help. But before she can tell them anything she passes out.


Arcadios and our team head back to Mercurius castle where Arcadios wants to seek further answers surrounding the Eclipse 2 and it’s use. Before too long the gang get surrounded and have to fight their way through the kingdom. Amongst the hustle and bustle, future Lucy awakens and tells them that their future is in dire straights. Arcadios confronts Princess Hisui on what her plans are for Eclipse 2 and she reveals that it’s foreseen that a herd of 10,000 Dragons are on the way to lay waste to the kingdom and that the Eclipse 2 (Which has power equal to an Etherion Blast – what the magic council use) is their only hope of survival.


During this time, the finals of the Grand Magic Games continue with battles between Laxas vs Jura, Erza vs Minerva & Grey plus Juvia vs Lyon plus Sherria, which are amazing battles and give you a lot more insight into some of the guilds and characters past. In the end the Fairy Tail become the victors of the games, but little do they know the darkness lurking behind the scenes in these celebratory times.


Back to the castle, we have a discussion between Arcadios, Hisui & Darton, where they are about to commence getting the Eclipse 2 Cannon ready to fire. Arcadios asks Hisui who had forseen the future and warned her about the dragons (Thinking it had been Lucy, but certain information hadn’t matched up). Hisui reveals that it wasn’t a woman that told her, but a man. So now at this stage we have two people from the future on the scene.

After Natsu and company finally get through their enemies, a new foe draws near, a man claiming to be Rogue from the future. He states that Humanity is almost extinct because someone prevented Eclipse from being used, and that person is Lucy. So to prevent this – she has to die.


Long story short, Rogue is deceiving the guilds including princess Hisui. The gate is not something to destroy the dragons, but something to let them into their current time. Princess Hisui has been a pawn in future Rogue’s plan in order to get the Dragon’s there. He uses Dragon Tamer Magic to controls these epic beasts and his plan is to defeat the dragon named Acnologia and become the new dragon king. However before the crew know this information, the gate has already opened and 8 dragons enter the Kingdom of Fiore to commit devastating destruction to the land. The future of humanity is now in our heroes hands!


I really enjoyed this collection, as it had a really satisfying conclusion to the Grand Magic Games. We had lots of battles, background information on main characters and foes and it built up the character base for future arcs. Later on the collection (when all hell breaks loose) there were some really nice touching moments for me with characters struggling on the battlefield, but supporting each other until the end nears. There’s many twists and spins within the arc, especially with the Eclipse 2, what was it used for? Why are these dragons coming for to destroy the world? But it all cleverly ties it all in nicely with snippets during epic battle sequences. Main characters like Natsu & Lucy, which often annoy me from time to time really shined through this arc, giving you more respect for them and the ridiculous effort they put in to keep their guild safe. If anyone of you haven’t seen Fairy Tail or are interested in it – give it a go. It’s got some really amazing stories to tell and as time goes on even more potential to be among series like Naruto and One Piece. I look forward to the next collection from the masters at Madman.

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A review copy was provided by Madman Entertainment to the author for the purpose of this review.