Super Mario Run – Price and Release Date

Nintendo recently announced that its new Super Mario Run mobile game will be released December 15th and available for $9.99 with further in-app purchases. This news comes with a short introductory video for the game, which shows off some basic gameplay and a few different game modes.

The gameplay consists of Mario running automatically through a level while the player controls when the plucky plumber jumps by tapping the screen with the aim of collecting as many coins as possible before time runs out. Aside from that, the video also shows a few other things for players to enjoy, such as two other game modes called Kingdom Builder and Toad Rally.

Super Mario Run will be available on iOS devices on December 15th, with Android users having to wait until a later date. There are plans to bring the game to Android devices, but Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto has said that it won’t be happening in 2016.

Until then, check out the video below for an idea of what’s in store from Mario’s first foray into mobile gaming!