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New Nintendo console finally revealed – Nintendo Switch!

After an age of teasers and leaks the latest Nintendo console, originally code-named the “NX”, has at last been shown, under the new guise of Nintendo Switch.

As expected, the Nintendo Switch will feature the ability to be quickly switched from a home console into a portable one. Not to be seen as the successor current generation of Nintendo consoles, the Nintendo Switch is Nintendo’s attempt at bringing something completely new to the table. As well as the trendy new gimmick of switching consoles, it looks as if the the Switch will have the capability of wireless multiplayer between separate systems, due to its portable nature. From the trailer we can see that at least four people are able to play simultaneously between two consoles.

In terms of controllers, the Nintendo Switch’s appears genuinely innovative and well thought out, seemingly combining the various traits of many of Nintendo’s controllers and add-ons. The two “Joy-con” controllers included with the system can be used together in the same fashion as the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, or between two people in a similar way that one might use two separate Wiimotes. The Joy-cons seem necessary to convert the console into a portable one, where they slide onto a screen to make what appears to be a stylish WiiPad that can be taken on the go. Additionally, there is the option of what looks like the pro controller commonly seen paired with Wii and WiiU systems.

At present there is no news on weather the Nintendo Switch will be backwards compatible with any of Nintendo’s previous consoles, but there’s still plenty of time for more announcements before the release in March 2017.