Review: Gundam Reconguista in G Part 2 (DVD)

I said in my previous review that part 1 of G-Reco was confusing and hard to follow, and unfortunately that continues in part 2. The battle with the Towasangans from behind the moon is in full swing now, and things just keep getting harder and harder to follow.


Raraiya gets her memory back and as a native Towasangan can aid Belliri and company fully now with both intelligence and piloting, so she finally gets to be more than a scatterbrained tag-along. But while her character gets a bit more fleshed out so many more characters come and go that you’ll struggle to really care – nothing much happens to connect to anybody beyond the crew of Bell, Aida and co. And even then you’ll probably struggle as it all just gets a bit much, even the big reveal in regards to the main protagonists doesn’t feel like it amounts to much, and the baddies grand scheme and eventual fall never really seems like much of a threat as the story hops and jumps and zigzags like a grasshopper on meth, never giving you enough time to get around what’s going on.


Like the the previous episodes, the art style is amazing and the mechanical designs are fantastic but as the series wears on it all just gets so dense and impenetrable that by the last (deeply unsatisfying) episode I just wanted it to be over already. I really tried to like this – I wanted to! The series hit a bit of a stride after the first six or so episodes where things started to make sense a little and it was oddly compelling as I mentioned in my part 1 review, but it didn’t last and it all comes undone in short order. It’s strictly for those who absolutely must consume anything with the Gundam brand stamped on it, and even then your mileage will vary. At the end of the day, at least G-Reco left us with some cool robot designs and some nice model kits. That’s about the best thing it is going for it, because when it’s all said and done the series itself was a mess. A pretty mess, but a mess all the same.