Official Kirby Café in Japan opening this August

An official Kirby Café and adjoining shop will be opening in Osaka this August, with another opening in Tokyo soon after. A shop sans restaurant will also be opening its doors in Nagoya. The official Japanese website shows the themed food that will be on offer at the restaurant, including but not limited to; Kirby pancakes, Planet Popstar curry, Maxim Tomato pasta and soup, and a Meta Knight parfait. There’s also a variety of cute drinks and cupcakes that are sure to make your mouth water.

Aside from food, the Kirby Café shops will be selling cups, bags, pins, and much more, all adorning the characters and icons of the restaurant’s namesake. These can also be viewed on the aforementioned Japanese website.

Now I know what you may be thinking, and I do realise there is some level of cruelty in bringing this restaurant to your attention, if like me, you’ll never be able to visit the Kirby Café  for yourself. But you know, if I have to suffer with the knowledge that the Kirby Café exists and I’ll never be able to visit and eat Kirby pancakes, then all of you have to as well.