New Blue Exorcist Stage Play coming to Japan

Kazue Kato’s Blue Exorcist series is being adapted into another stage play that will premiere in Japan this August. The series follows Rin Okumura, the son of Satan and his exorcist brother Yukio as they search for a way to control the demonic powers Rin has inherited. The play is an adaptation of the ‘Revival of the Impure King’ arc which span from volumes 5 – 9 in the manga series. It follows Rin, Yukio, and the other exorcists as they search for the stolen demon relic the ‘Left Eye of the Impure King’. Their mission leads them to Kyoto, where they must track down the thief and prevent the powerful relic from being used to resurrect the Impure King, a powerful demon who spread plague and decay during the Edo period.

The play will run from August 5 to 14 at the Zep Blue Theatre in Roppongi, Tokyo, with the roles of Rin and Yukio Okumura being played by Kitamura Ryo and Miyazaki Shuto respectively. The production is also being written and directed by Daisuke Nishida, who directed a previous Blue Exorcist stage play adaptation back in 2014.

Since very little has ever surfaced of the Blue Exorcist stage plays outside of Japan, this may be another case of cool stuff we’ll never get to see or have. However, it’s always fun seeing our favourite characters translated from screen or page to reality, even if it’s from afar.

If you want to check out more, the official Japanese website for the play is up and running and has some more pictures of Kitamura and Miyazaki in their costumes: