Review: Boruto – Naruto the Movie

Boruto – Naruto the movie is the final movie installment of the Naruto series, and boy does it go out with a bang! Taking place several years after the end of the Shinobi War in Konoha Village, we are re-introduced to old characters and their new way of live as advancements in technology arise after many years of peace.

Boruto – Naruto the movie has some great fast paced action scenes, and although the animation does flail in some of the slower parts of the movie (but not too badly) they have made sure to give us something polished and finished for the battle sequences. Starting out with Sasuke fighting for his life against an unknown enemy, he manages to obtain an encrypted scroll with some very valuable information. Back at Konoha, the Chuunin Exams are not far away for the next generation of Shinobi, and Boruto (Son of Naruto and Hinata) is deciding whether or not to enter himself in. His team mates Sarada (Daughter of Sakura and Sasuke) and Mitsuki (spoiler so won’t say) are encouraging him to go through with it as they need a three man team, and he agrees with a little persuasion.

Among the hype of the Chuunin Exams, there is a darkness brewing in the background which has Sasuke and Naruto on edge as they wait for the mysterious scroll to be deciphered. Naruto and Boruto’s relationship is somewhat awkward and strained, as Naruto is so busy with running the village he has very little time for family life. Boruto resents him for this, and is quite ignorant of the importance of Hokage to the Village and the amount of work Naruto has in front of him. Personally, I don’t like Boruto’s character that much and I was more interested in seeing Sarada and Mistuki in action and getting to know them better. Fitting more into this movie would have dragged it on a bit much, and I think they found a nice balance between the action and story development to keep you interested.

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The final battles are intense, and we get to see some amazing team work from Sasuke, Naruto and Kurama, as well as the other five Kage’s as they struggle against the new enemies. If you are a Naruto fan this is not to be missed! I do admit there were a few things that bothered me, but I won’t go into too much detail about that as I don’t want to spoil anything for those who haven’t seen it yet. I thoroughly enjoyed this, and it actually didn’t spoil too much from the actual series, as they only made small referrals to things in the past so pretty much anyone can watch it if they are up to the Shippuden Ninja War.

After the movie, hang around until the very end of the credits as we get to see all of the young Genin with their families so you know who got with who, and listen to some KANA-BOON (who also did Silhouette, the Shippuden 16th Opening). There is also the final surprise, and there has been quite a bit of speculation over who Mitsuki’s parents are, and he reveals it himself right at the end.

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I really enjoyed this, and am certainly going to get the DVD when it’s released!! Also, for those of you part way through the shippuden series, this movie doesn’t spoil much, other than which characters make it big and what they look like a bit older. Without seeing the series to the end you can’t really tell much what is spoilers and what isn’t.

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