New SD Gundam kits announced – SD GUNDAM EX-STANDARD!

Unveiled recently on the Facebook page, a new line of Super Deformed Gunpla kits will be arriving soon – SD Gundam EX Standard! So far four mobile suits have been announced as part of this new line. The classic RX-78-2, Seed’s Aile Strike Gundam, 00’s Exia and Wing’s Wing Gundam Zero will all get the SD treatment for this new line. From the promo images it looks like these new kits have upped the detail and articulation, so I’m very much looking forward to these little guys.

SD Gundam EX-Standard 001 RX-78-2 Gundam:

10984562_935150003193419_6701022223727606039_n 11057401_935150013193418_2756979795081310682_n


SD Gundam EX-Standard 002 Aile Strike Gundam

11703389_935150219860064_4206680807989317925_n 11745514_935150213193398_4563769010354287775_n


SD Gundam EX-Standard 003 Gundam Exia

11705243_935150566526696_2423137219170755388_n 11737912_935150569860029_3666312109417981332_n


SD Gundam EX-Standard 004 Wing Gundam Zero

11737956_935150726526680_1416070105916908794_n  i0Wq7sz

No release details are available yet, but expect them to be fairly cheap once they’re available. SDs are great fun, quick builds and fantastic for practicing painting techniques. Although promo images are always a little more detailed than the final product ends up being, I’m hopeful these retain some of the colour separation we see here and don’t rely to heavily on stickers for detail, though odds are they will. Either way these are looking pretty great and once they’re up for preorder I’ll be all over these!