Series Rising From The Ashes. Reboots And Re-mastered.

Recently, there have been a few animated series that have had the dust blown off and bought back to our screens in either brand new reboots, or digitally remastered edited versions. Just to name a few are Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Sailor Moon Crystal, Dragonball Kai, and to a lesser extent the Berserk CG movies and Neon Genesis trilogy movies. Of course they are not all exactly the same as the manga, seeing as Neon Genesis introduced a new main character, and as for Berserk, there just isn’t anything that can compare to the beautiful art of Kentaro Miura. Plus the story get’s very, very dark after the Band of the Hawk disband, and is still ongoing…..slowly.

The biggest issue animated adaptions face, is catching up to their unfinished manga story lines. When this happens they either throw in filler arcs (which are usually terrible and agonizing to watch), or they take another direction and change the story line completely to end it after a certain amount of episodes. Fullmetal Alchemist was one of these, and this isn’t always a bad thing if it is a polished story and actually makes sense, however it is disappointing for people who really want to see an animated version of the manga. So when Brotherhood came out, it was a sigh of relief and was very enjoyable to watch as the main battles and plot twists were eagerly awaited.

There are a couple of series I want to see re-animated once their manga has completed like Blue Exorcist and Black Butler. Tell us which series you think could have been done better, and what you think if you are currently following any of the new reboots.

4 thoughts on “Series Rising From The Ashes. Reboots And Re-mastered.”

  1. I’m enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal myself – it’s polished, great production values, moves at a fast pace and is more dynamic than the original series. I think what’s missing is some of the characterisation that the original series benefited from due to the monster of the week sentai/shoujo combination over a very drawn-out series. Might be the subject of a post on its own maybe 🙂

  2. I think I watched about 4 episodes then I caught up and stopped watching. Need to get back into it all again I think because I am very interested in getting to know this series.

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