Many years ago, I was cursed. My heart frozen and incapable of feeling emotions, I found the only things that could move me were anime and video games.

I fell in love with anime when I entered high school, started learning Japanese and joined the school’s Manga Club. Anime has since brought me a full range of emotions; rage when stupid characters do stupid things, sadness when my favourite character dies, jealousy over Tanaka-kun getting to be so lazy, happiness when I guess the end of an anime in the first episode and much, much more. I also like to cosplay, in particular I like to do gender bends. I have sewn since about year 4 and have my own sewing machine. I am also known to crochet beautiful butterflies and hats for my friends.

Unlike anime, which I have loved since about high school, I have enjoyed playing video games all my life. I still remember renting Nintendo 64 games from the video store every Friday after school and playing Pokémon Blue on the original Gameboy. Nowadays, I play most things Nintendo release and absolutely cannot handle horror games. My friends are probably poised to hold an intervention over the amount of amiibos I buy. I deny that I am obsessed, I don’t even own every single one released, only about three quarters of them.

Finally, just don’t disturb my chill and we should get along fine.