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Distant Worlds 30th Anniversary Concert tickets on sale now!

As a huge fan of both Final Fantasy and orchestral music, I’ve been following any updates on Distant Worlds for the last six years, hoping for them to return to Australia one day. Having missed out on seeing the concert during the 2011 tour, my wish more or less came true when A New World: intimate music from Final Fantasy made its way here last year. While it was, of course, amazing in every way, once it was over I was left with an even greater need to see the full concert. Now, as part of the 30th Anniversary for the series, Distant Worlds is touring with a special celebratory concert, making its first stop in Sydney.

Getting straight to the most important information, ticket pricing ranges from $100 for Silver Seating up to $260 for VIP, though the jump is a hefty $100 from VIP to the next cheapest seating. Based on my previous experiences in soirees of this nature, you can rest assured that your experience will not be hampered should you choose the cheapest option of seating. However, the VIP tickets come with some tangible benefits for the most die-hard fans of both the franchise and its music. Purchasing this ticket will provide you with the opportunity to meet and talk with series composer Nobuo Uematsu and conductor Arnie Roth. If you have any important memorabilia that you would love to have signed, then it’s definitely worth considering this option.


Distant Worlds Anniversary


It’s a safe bet that the concert’s repertoire will feature many new pieces as well as old favourites from previous tours, but in light of this special event fans will be given the chance to help decide on what will be played. Should you be interested in having a deciding factor in the music that you’ll be listening to at the concert, then keep an eye on the Distant Worlds website. Although an English voting site is not, at present, available, one will be made before voting closes on the 28th of February.

Needless to say, I will be attending the Sydney concert in July, having been lucky enough to score some tickets in the pre-sale. Visit the MJR Group website to grab your own tickets before you miss out. I’ve been to several video game music concerts now, and I can say that they are most definitely worth it. If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy then don’t miss this opportunity, or you could be waiting another six years before it makes a return.