Data Discs to release Streets of Rade 2 OST on vinyl

Data Discs to release Streets of Rage 2 OST on vinyl

Streets of Rage 2 is widely considered to have one of the best 16-bit soundtracks of all time, so the announcement of a forthcoming release from Data Discs has been met with tremendous nerd excitement.

We reviewed the delightfully fan-friendly Shinobi III soundtrack vinyl release from Data Discs a few months back, and since then they’ve added Super Hang On and reprints of their earlier releases of Shenmue and Streets of Rage soundtracks to their store.

This will be a dual LP package and include previously unreleased bonus tracks and demos of the original NEC PC-8801 compositions which Koshiro used to create the soundtrack for Streets of Rage 2. The packaging looks spectacular featuring artwork from Sega of Japan’s official archives and there are some great finishes on the vinyl itself. To top it all off, this release also comes with the rubber stamp of approval from Koshiro himself. Impressive.

The full set included in the Streets of Rage 2 LP release

Pre-orders open up this weekend on the 27th with an estimated shipping date of April 2016. More details and images are now live on their site.

As fans of all things awesome and Sega, you can be assured we’ll be picking this one up and taking it out for spin on our turntable. I can’t wait.