Pokkén Tournament (finally) confirmed for WiiU

Pokkén Tournament, Bandai Namco’s mashing of fighting mechanics and Pokemon, has finally been announced for WiiU after months of everyone figuring this was going to happen – it’s 2015, and funneling development resources on something like Pokkén without a home release always seemed unlikely. This is especially true for a platform like the WiiU which needs all the loving it can get before it retires early from the console arms race.

I haven’t been following Pokkén Tournament playtesting too closely, but the trailer suggests it should be fun and the thought of some Tekken-lite mechanics with Pokémon characters sounds appealing. Hopefully the roster will include some of the earlier characters as I fell off the Pokémon train with Red/Blue since I was always unsure if I was up for the timesink the games tends to demand.

Pokkén Tournament is scheduled for a Q2 2016 global release on the WiiU. With Pokémon and Tekken fans in this household (especially my other half who is a bigger fan of both properties than I!) I imagine we’ll pick it up pretty close to release date and I’ll follow up with a First Impressions piece on Anime Inferno