Dragon Ball Super – Goku & Co Return!

It’s been a long time between drinks for Dragon Ball on TV, with the less-than-stellar Dragon Ball GT ending in November 1997. As of last Sunday though, Dragon Ball is back with Dragon Ball Super episode one!

Super takes place immediately after the end of Dragon Ball Z picking up after the defeat of Buu and effectively erasing GT, so that’s one big tick in its favor already.

On a peaceful earth, Goku has taken up farming to pay the bills (he’s terrible at it), Gohan and Videl are making plans to marry, Trunks and Gohan punch a giant snake in the pursuit of spring water for a wedding gift and Mr Satan is keeping up the facade of world savior while living with his best bud – the original Buu.

Meanwhile, out in space somewhere God of Destruction Beerus who we’ve previously met in the Battle of Gods DBZ movie lays waste to half a planet because the food they serve him is too greasy. I guess we’ll be seeing a whole lot more of him in this series, though he and Goku have already gone toe to toe and ended up buddies so I’m interested to see how he gets involved.

Episode one plays out like standard Dragon Ball filler fluff to ease us back into the world while laying groundwork for the road ahead, and I imagine the next few episodes will be similar. That’s not a bad thing though! Some of the best Dragon Ball moments came from filler episodes – Goku and Piccolo going for their driving tests, anyone?

It’s exciting to have Dragon Ball back after so many years and to see how a new story from creator Akira Toriyama will play out.

3 thoughts on “Dragon Ball Super – Goku & Co Return!”

  1. Sounds sparking!

    I ended up skipping a huge chunk of the Buu saga – I remember Goku commenting that Buu sounded like a fart (yay for puns!), then there was some biffo with Fat Buu, Vegeta blows up a stadium, [blank], I walk past a TV for 5 minutes that is playing a scene where Goku fights a Buu that isn’t chunky, and that’s it.

    I should probably fill those gaps in prep for this…

  2. I am waiting for a few more episodes to come out so I can binge-watch them all. Toriyama has a heavy hand in the storyline of the new arc so it will be very interesting to see how it will go with fans. I am certainly looking forward to it X3

  3. Man! …..I have Dragon Ball & Z to finish off before I even contemplate watching this! So many episodes! Argh!

    Maybe I can get Evie into it?

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