February 2017, Nisekoi Season 2, Feature image

Review: Nisekoi Season 2 Collection (DVD)

Nisekoi’s first season, on the whole, managed to succeed on its own terms by challenging its harem tropes through improved characterisation. The second season picks up directly from the conclusion of its predecessor with interesting results. Nisekoi Season 2 kicks off with Chitoge lamenting that she has a thing for Raku as a carry over […]

Review: Nisekoi Part 2 (DVD)

A few months ago I was pleasantly surprised in my review of the first chunk of episodes for Nisekoi. This release finishes up the remainder of the first season of the show, covering the next stage in the story arc. Going into this review I was curious where they were going to take the cast […]

Review: Nisekoi Part 1 (DVD)

To be honest I wasn’t sure where to start with Nisekoi. I’m a sucker for slice of life/high school/romcom/drama/comedy anime so it ticked all the boxes, but at the same time on the surface it also seemed a little too familiar to the veritable ocean of similar shows out there. The question is, what can […]