Review: Haikyu!! Complete Season 2 (DVD)

Following their loss at the Inter-High Preliminaries at the hands of Aoba Johsai, the Karasuno volleyball team launch themselves into training for the Spring Tournament. Thanks to their friends at Nekoma High, they are given the perfect chance to hone their skills when they are invited to a training camp in Tokyo and are able […]

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Review: Haikyu!! Complete Season 1 (DVD)

Karasuno High School once housed the greatest boys’ volleyball team in the Miyagi¬†Prefecture, representing the area on several occasions. However, nowadays¬†the team is known as “The Fallen Champions”, alluding to their lacklustre performance at recent tournaments. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of his hero, this label isn’t enough to stop Shouyou Hinata from enrolling. […]

Review: Haikyu!! Part 1 DVD set

Haikyu!! is a great down to earth anime about a highschool boys volleyball team. From the get go we are introduced to a young and spirited Hinata Shouyo catching a glimpse of Karasuno Highschool’s Volleyball team at the interhigh championships. This inspires him to play volleyball, and after a dismal middle school attempt, they are […]