January 2021, Children of the Sea, Feature image

Review: Children of the Sea (Blu-Ray)

Children of the Sea is the kind of film that is difficult to read based on the official art – the direction suggests a serious, even sombre narrative with potential lashings of social commentary and underwater adventure. At least that was my take on it at first glance. In practice it’s an entirely different – […]

Review: I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (Blu-Ray)

After coming across a mysterious diary in a hospital, a high school student discovers that his classmate Sakura Yamauchi has a terminal illness in her pancreas and doesn’t have long to live. Although the discovery was by accident, Sakura begins to hang out with the student, as he is the only one outside of her […]

January 2017, Rolling Girls Feature image

Review: The Rolling Girls (DVD)

The Rolling Girls is fascinating – it presents a hyperactive, technicolour dreamscape peppered with a high-energy soundtrack and delivered in a fascinating post-apocalytpic setting that in many ways is the opposite of what we’d normally expect from such a scenario, anime or non. The question is on how it uses these different elements and if […]