Review: Harmony (Bluray)

Harmony is set in a distant future where sickness and diseases are almost non-existent for a privileged some. A long healthy life is rewarded for those born into major cities and wealthy countries. It all sounds almost utopian, however three young girls in Japan are discontent with what their future holds, and decide to take […]

Review: Junjo Romantica series 1 DVD

Junjo Romantica is a yaoi love story following the fresh youngster Misaki and much older pursuer Usami. The anime is based on the manga Junjo Romantica: Pure Romance, written and Illustrated by Shungiku Nakamura. Fans of the genre will be familiar with the name as the manga has spun off several CD Dramas and Light novels […]

Review: The Empire of Corpses Blu-Ray

Based on a novel by Project Itoh, The Empire of Corpses is an alternate historical, sci-fi thriller based in 19th century London. With the revolutionary ‘Corpse Reanimation Technology’ at the governments fingertips, society is accustomed to zombies in everyday life. In such a world where the dead can walk again to serve the living, would […]

Review: HaNaYaMaTa Complete Series

HaNaYaMaTa is a cute story about building friendships, memories and confidence with the driving center being Yosakoi, a Japanese style freelance dance. We are first introduced to Naru Sekia, a 14 year old student who enjoys reading fairy tail books and is quite reserved and comfortable in her everyday life. She’s a little worried that she […]

Review: Tokyo ESP Complete Series DVD

Obtaining new found powers and following a protagonist through their learning experiences in nothing new really, it’s actually quite a common theme in anime and western style fiction. Tokyo ESP is tackling that theme in a different way, and is looking at the society in a whole and how it is effected by a large group of […]

Review: Tokyo Ghoul Manga Vol 3 & 4

Most manga fanatics are familiar with Tokyo Ghoul by now, and I think it starts to really take off in the 3rd and 4th volumes as the world is a bit more fleshed out, and the initial impression of ghouls beating up on each other and preying on random people in the darkness is scratched away into […]