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Review: Assassination Classroom Part 2 (Blu-Ray)

There’s no rest for class 3-E of Kunugigaoka Junior High School as the antics of teenage life continue to snowball out of control. Painstakingly balancing their studies, assassination attempts, and personal development, these kids fight to break free of their status as the dregs of their school. Thanks to the teachings of a stoic government official, an immature world-class assassin, and, […]

Danganronpa 3

Danganronpa 3 Updates!

At the beginning of December last year it was announced that the third main entry in the Danganronpa series would be an original anime to finish off the Hope’s Peak Academy saga. Recently it has been announced that both of the season’s arcs will be airing simultaneously this year during Japan’s Summer season. That is to say, […]