Saturday Fanart Feature: Picolo-Kun

From black on white sketchy doodles, to beautifully coloured finished pieces there are so many wonderfully intricate artworks in Picolo-kun’s gallery you won’t know where to start. There is such special attention paid to detail so if you pass over an image, come back to it later on and guaranteed you will spot something, some small detail you didn’t […]

Saturday Fanart Feature: TsaoShin

Perusing through TsaoShin’s gallery is like peeking into a vibrant world bought to life with beautiful soft imagery, you get pleasantly lost wandering through each artwork. A mish mash of Disney, anime and original characters that are represented so wonderfully in his style, it’s hard to find something not to like. It is also a pleasant surprise […]

Anime Inferno Team Transformation

Aussiegirl – our resident artist and all round awesome chick has been working hard to transform us all into anime characters! She has done an amazing job, but I still think Mangaman should of been wearing a Sailor Moon costume! See our transformations below: For more information on our team members – head to our […]

Saturday Fanart Feature : Guidelines

For all the amazing artists out there looking to take part in our weekly feature, we want to make sure everyone gets to display their favorite pieces to your adoring public, and put it in your words. We have several basic rules and I have elaborated on them in detail below, feel free to submit your artwork […]

Dragon Ball Kill Counts

A Spanish artist called Alberto Cubatas has done something really awesome – he’s put together a visualisation of Dragon Ball kill counts. As you can see the Saiyans – Trunks, Vegeta and Goku had a fair body stack throughout the series, but that’s not the case for everyone. Enjoy, it gave me a bit of […]