Long ago, a creature was discovered. Its name was Matt. He was a peculiar creature with a habit of collecting games, videos, manga, and old electronic junk. It is said a relative of his, a man with the hair of an orange, sparked the interest in games and anime. Coinciding with the increasing growth of anime and manga to the west in the latter part of the 90’s, this creature hopped on the wave and surfed it into the 21st Century, revelling in anime old and new. The evolving art styles left a profound impact, inspiring him to begin drawing more than the stick figures he was used to.

Alongside his anime and manga fandom he’s been an avid gamer from a young age, the passion stemming from the Nintendo 64 and not stopping since. He occasionally still wheels out the old N64 from storage whenever the nostalgia kicks in, Super Smash Bros. being a go-to game for him. Of course, the consoles have gotten more modern and the games have become brighter now, so while the old tech head continues to thrive, his interest has set its sights to the horizon, fingers crossed for virtual reality MMO’s around the technological corner.

While times have shifted and the world has become busier, it is said Matt can still occasionally be found in his zombified state; gaming, reading manga, or watching anime. When questioned as to what he is doing, he is known to answer, “Escaping. Everyone needs to escape from reality once in a while. Too much work makes the world a dull place. Kick back, relax, and watch some anime.”