Lover of animation, storytelling, rabbits, and cosplay, Nicola is a studier of languages and a habitual obsessor of tiny details.

Aside from enjoying manga, cartoons and anime, Nicola also sews. It is said that when the night is at its most still and quiet, she can be heard wailing into the darkness as she sews, unpicks, and re-sews sleeves onto shirts. Nicola also loves games, both the set piece board kind and the electronic ones. As a child she would get her fix watching family members play Crash Team Racing and Kingdom Hearts until she graduated from excited observer to full-fledged player. Now her tastes range from first person shooters to 8-bit platformers, JRPGs and everything in between.

It’s also worth noting that she likes using drawing as a tool of procrastination, so if you ever catch her sketching, it’s because she has other things she should be doing and is trying to ignore them.