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Review: Psycho Pass The Movie (Blu-Ray)

Psycho Pass The Movie follows the two excellent TV series’ that precede it. Given the pedigree of its predecessors and the broad socio-political themes that dominated both, the release of a theatrical feature provides challenges and opportunities in translating the MWPSB’s activities onto the big screen. Since the conclusion of the second TV series, the […]

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Review: Psycho-Pass 2 (Blu-Ray)

A year and a half has passed after the events of the first season and Akane Tsunemori has her work cut out for her as the new Lead Inspector of Unit 1 in the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division. Now privy to Sibyl’s greatest secret, she is forced to re-evaluate her beliefs, unsure of her stance on Sibyl’s […]

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Review: Psycho-Pass Complete Season 1 (Blu-Ray)

In the year 2112 Japan enjoys a state of unrivalled peace. Due to the Sibyl System monitoring every citizen’s psychological state people with criminal dispositions are easily singled out and contained. But not even Big Brother can keep everyone in line from behind a camera. As such, it’s the responsibility of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division to […]