Free updates for Final Fantasy XV

Along with the DLC that is already on the way, Square Enix just announced plans to steadily release free updates as well. From general quality of life improvements for the game, to some very appreciated added content, it seems like Final Fantasy XV will continue to be relevent for some time to come. Outlined in his blog post […]

Final Fantasy XV Delay Header

Final Fantasy XV delayed until November

The long awaited fifteenth installment in the main series of Final Fantasy was only a month and a half away from releasing. Keyword being “was”. Last night the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, uploaded a video of him apologising for the delay along with their reasons. Starting out the video, Tabata states that work on the master version […]

Glitched Header

Glitched: the next hit Indie RPG?

After the huge success that was Undertale, I’ve been searching for a game in a similar vein. Unsurprisingly, Kickstarter delivers. Glitched is described as, “a fourth wall breaking RPG where the hero slowly realizes that you, the player, exist.” Presenting a cutesy art style reminiscent of EarthBound, the En House Studios team of three promises a […]

Final Fantasy XII Remaster YISS

Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster Announced!

To stay on course with the recent posts on HD remakes and Final Fantasy, it has been announced that Final Fantasy XII will be receiving the same treatment as many of its brethren in the way of a remaster. As of the announcement trailer, a decent amount of information regarding what exactly will be changed from the original […]