Review: Rin-Ne Complete Season 2 (DVD)

Another day, another batch of spirits to put to rest and a slew of monetary related problems. At least, that’s the case for half-shinigami Rinne Rokudo in Rin-Ne season 2. Alongside his friend Sakura Mamiya (who can see spirits despite being human), and black cat helper Rokumon, Rinne must guide spirits to the afterlife on […]

Review: Rin-Ne Part 2 (DVD)

Sakura Mamiya’s ability to see the spirits stuck wandering the earth has made her life complicated, and the complexities continue as she and her half-human, half-Shinigami classmate Rinne Rokudo help these lost souls find their way to the next world. But it’s not all supernatural ghosts and spooks, as Sakura and Rinne attempt to figure […]

Review: Rin-Ne Part 1 (DVD)

Since she was a child, Sakura Mamiya has been able to see ghosts. She’s made a habit of avoiding them thus far, but it becomes difficult when it turns out that her fellow classmate Rinne is part Shinigami and cannot be seen by normal people when donning his Haori of the Underworld.  Strapped for cash […]