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Review: Only Yesterday (Blu-Ray)

Back in May we had the opportunity to review Only Yesterday on DVD, but with Madman recently releasing it on Blu-Ray, we thought it was a good opportunity to revisit Takahata’s delightful tale in HD. For those wanting a strong synopsis of the plot I’d recommend you read Calo’s review of the DVD edition, but […]

Review: Only Yesterday

The 1991 Ghibli classic Only Yesterday is returning to selected cinemas this month from May 5th. In anticipation for its re-release, I was given the opportunity to review a Japanese copy of the film before its English debut to Australian cinemas. The year is 1982 and Taeko Okajima is 27 and living alone. Following a […]

Review: The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness

Doco-Sunday is a thing we do in our household, inspired by a series run on ABC2 last year if memory serves. My wife pointed out The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness while going through stuff on Netflix as we’re both fans of Studio Ghibli movies, so we settled down on a cold wintery Sunday night […]