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Review: Only Yesterday (Blu-Ray)

Back in May we had the opportunity to review Only Yesterday on DVD, but with Madman recently releasing it on Blu-Ray, we thought it was a good opportunity to revisit Takahata’s delightful tale in HD. For those wanting a strong synopsis of the plot I’d recommend you read Calo’s review of the DVD edition, but […]

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Review: Your Lie in April Part 1 (DVD)

When music completely encompasses your life losing the ability to play would undoubtedly be one of your biggest fears. Your Lie in April follows Kousei Arima, who is unable to hear himself play after the traumatic death of his mother. Kousei now adamantly avoids the piano and the competition scene altogether, seemingly content with giving up on everything he’s worked […]

First Impressions: Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. For Satoru Fujinuma, unsuccessful manga creator and current pizza delivery man, it’s a life of what ifs and struggling with his own emotional expression. For myself, it was intending to do a quick first impression and quickly losing the better half of a day to an anime embroiled […]