Unboxing anime and vintage J-pop soundtracks on vinyl feature image

Unboxing anime soundtracks and vintage J-Pop records is fun

Time to catch up on some unboxing efforts!

Last year to offset all the pandemic tomfoolery I made a couple of large bulk orders of records from Japan and decided to record the unboxing and excitement that ensued!

This is the first of two videos, captured around a year ago with a focus on mostly 80s anime soundtracks with a few modern releases (specifically one of the Sailor Moon EPs and the Milan Records Akira OST release), as well as a decent stack of vintage J-Pop and City Pop records that have proven plenty of fun to listen to. If you keep up with us on Instagram you’ve probably seen audio clips and photos for a number of these, but this is the full gamut of what arrived in the first big order!

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