Review: Assassination Classroom Part 1 (DVD)

When a tentacled alien that travels at Mach 20 speed destroys part of the moon and threatens to destroy the earth in one year unless someone can kill him, you know what you gotta do.

Give him a job teaching a class of ragtag misfits and charge them with assassinating him before the school year is out. Makes perfect sense.

That’s the basic premise of Assassination Classroom. Based on the manga by Yusei Matsui, the pun-tastically named Koro-Sensei has a price on his head from the government and is charged with the students of class 3-E and instructs them in their day to day lessons as well as assassination techniques. It’s all as ridiculous as it sounds, with plenty of off-beat humour and foiled assassination attempts.

With his near endless array of powers and skills, Koro-Sensei senses every attempt on his life from a mile away and usually uses the opportunity to impart a valuable lesson upon the the student and would-be assassin, and in something reminiscent of the classic Great Teacher Onizuka, they come to realise that this strange being cares about each of them as individuals and is, in fact, the best teacher they’ve ever had.

It’s not just students after the bounty on Koro-Sensei’s head, with the sultry assassin Irina Jelavic posing as a new teacher, only to be completely played by Koro and ending up with a less-than-flattering nickname from the students as she makes the switch to teaching full-time. It’s all completely silly, but there is an underlying plot, just don’t expect too many answers yet – this is only the first half of the season!

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A review copy was provided by Madman Entertainment to the author for the purpose of this review.