Nintendo Power Magazines uploaded to online archive

Nintendo’s official North American game and strategy magazine has had its first 145 issues uploaded to First published in 1988, the Nintendo Power magazine’s final volume was released in 2012, making it one of the longest spanning gaming magazines in the US.

The online collection shows magazines full of old ads, gamer opinions, strategies, and tips and tricks for games ranging from Super Mario 3 and Metroid, to Earthworm Jim and Golden Eye. And that’s in the first 100 issues alone. It’s an easy system to peruse, and using the zoom and navigation tools, you’ll be flipping through pages of gaming history in no time. The archives also have a variety of download options, including PDF, Kindle, and torrent files.

There’s a lot of gaming culture to be enjoyed from these magazines, despite the fact that most of the cheats and strategies they offer aren’t as in high demand as they used to be. But whether you peruse them for nostalgia or to get a kick out of the eclectics covers and old fashioned ads, there’s some fun to be had.