Asuka and Rei join the Cupoche Lineup

I fully expect Evangelion merchandise to be continually pumped out at breakneck pace until the actual apocalypse occurs, with licenses granted left and right to anyone who’ll put Evangelion anything on anything. Kotobukiya’s chibi Cu-poche figure range is no exception – Evangelion’s Asuka and Rei in their school uniforms have joined the line’s ranks. I’m a big fan of Koto’s Cu-poche style but find their assortment of characters a bit lacking (Chunibyo is pretty much the only series they’ve done that I was into), so these two are a welcome addition. They’re super fun little chibi figures with fantastic articulation, swappable faceplates and magnetic feet, which make posing them on their metallic bases a breeze. Compared to other ‘Poche releases these are a bit light on accessories – Asuka and Rei come with two faces, some different hands and their schoolbags. But I guess there’s not much you could bundle with these two. Oh well.


They should be up for order now from wherever you prefer to pick up your Japanese plastic crack for somewhere in the ballpark of 4,200 yen (possibly less depending on your retailer of choice).