Good Smile go Osomatsu-san Figma Crazy

If you’ve been watching the Osomatsu-san anime and thinking to yourself that you’d really like to spend a pile of moondollars of figures of all of the Matsuno sextuplets, Good Smile have heard your wishes and will gladly charge you a princely sum of ¥3,900 each for six almost identical figures!


Each of the brothers comes with a couple of unique faces, and for each two of the brothers you order directly from Good Smile in the same order you’ll also receive a bonus ‘hands in pockets’ body, so if you were to order all six figures you’d receive three bonus bodies. Figma prices have been creeping up and up, and while their quality is generally top-tier this is a pretty hefty price for what amounts to a seriously barebones figure, then times it by six. They don’t even come with accessories beyond two faceplates and the usual hands. I can’t help but feel this would’ve been better off packaged as a six-pack straight off the bat. I can see plenty of people buying their favourite brother or two, but I doubt too many folks will be sucked into buying essentially the same figure six times over at that price.