Figure Review: Polynian MMM Shamrock

When I first saw the Polynian MMM Shamrock robot figure by Daibadi I knew I had to have him, but unfortunately at that time he was only available in resin kit form and already sold out. Luckily, Daibadi released a more user-friendly ABS version in August 2015 and I was able to get my hands on him.

Shamrock came in a beautiful windowed box with concept sketches, a hexagonal pattern stand, and an extra pair of hands. At 13cm tall, he’s somehow much tinier than I’d expected, very slim with tiny dainty fingers. Despite being so small, this figure is seriously poseable. The joints allow for extremely free movement once you get used to how they work. It can take some trial and error to get his limbs moving in a natural-looking way, with much rotating of the joints and sometimes accidentally popping them out entirely, but he can strike some really dynamic poses as well as quite expressive ones. It would have been nice to have more than just fist and flat hands, but he does well enough in terms of posing with just these two options.

His helmet isn’t removable, but the little white ‘ears’ on top will come off at the slightest touch and you won’t even notice, so you’ve got to be quite careful about not losing these tiny pieces. While posing his torso will often come apart in your hands which is a bit jarring at first, but you can just pop him back together and continue on. The large, round joints are a little reminiscent of ball joint dolls and give a really pleasing robotic aesthetic. Also of note is that if you’d like to give your robot boy a costume he can wear Azone Picco Neemo clothes.

All in all Shamrock a great figure, versatile and extremely fun to play with. (And if you prefer your robots female, Daibadi also make girl Polynians!)


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