Musashi and Sonans/Kojirou and Nyarth

Pokemon has been around since 1995 and since then many figurines/merchandise/plushies have been produced. However, it is still one of the most popular franchise worldwide coming out of Japan. Megahouse is a company known for producing high quality figures with the help of crafty independent sculptors teamed up with Nintendo and will be starting a new line of G.E.M series figures.

jessi (1)

Introducing the popular team rocket duo Musashi and Kojirou and their pokemons Sonans and Nyarth respectively. Otherwise known as Jessi and James and Wobuffet and Meowth!. So far only Jessi and Wobuffet has been painted and due for to be released February 2016 (MFC) whereas her partner in crime James and Meowth are due to be released April 2016 (MFC). 

james (1)

We should see both versions painted in this upcoming Megahobby Autumn Expo 2015 so until then stay tuned!!