7-Eleven in Japan Offering Life Size Evangelion Pilot Statues!

When it comes to merchandise, Evangelion just can’t be stopped. After previously offering up a giant Unit 01, 7-Eleven Japan are now offering life-size statues of Rei, Asuka and Kaworu in their plug suits! There will be 15 of each pilot made, but you can’t just waltz into a store and pick one of these up along with a lukewarm pie, a krispy kreme and a slurpee. Folks in Japan will have to enter a lottery for their chance to purchase. Then, if they are one of the 45 lucky lottery winners, will need to fork over an eye-watering ¥1,728,000 – that’s almost $20,000AU!


Ranging from 157cm to 166cm tall, they’re not kidding when they say life-size. Between the figure and the heavy duty base they’re around 35kg, so don’t expect to be shipping one in from Japan!


It’s completely bonkers, but odds are these will sell out very quickly once the lottery opens up. Check out the 7-Eleven Japan site for more details.