Medicom Adds Saber Bride To Their 1/6 Figure Lineup

Medicom’s long-running 1/6 scale line of articulated figures shows no signs of slowing down, with the 740th release in the line of Saber Bride from the Fate/EXTRA CCC game up for order now.


The fully poseable Saber comes with swappable bangs and several faceplates with different expressions, multiple hands and her sword Aestus Estus along with a display stand. I’m hardly the biggest Fate franchise fan going – I’ve only ever watched the first anime series – but everything about this version of Saber looks fantastic. It appears Medicom might have finally kicked the bulky, bulging stitching that jacks up the look of a lot of their releases and gone with finer stitching on this outfit and she looks fantastic as a result. Saber Bride is up for preorder now retailing at around 26,800 Yen, though odds are you can save a few bucks if you shop around.