Dorohedoro Caiman – 1/6th Scale Figure from ThreeZero

ThreeZero are crushing it again, this time announcing the preorder date of September 30 for their highly anticipated Caiman figure from Q Hayashida’s Dorohedoro manga! Standing at 36cm tall and coming in at $210USD shipped, ThreeZero worked closely with the creator of the series to capture all the details of Caiman in figure form and it really shows! You can check out all the pictures at ThreeZero’s Facebook page right now, and he will be available from from the 30th with exclusive accessories if you buy direct.

Caiman comes with an impressive list of accessories (including gyoza bento box!) and looks absolutely amazing – This is well worth the asking price!


Dorohedoro – Caiman purchased at threezerostore comes with following additional accessories:
*Severed lizard head (top of the skull opens up to reveal brain);
*Formalin jar for storing the severed lizard head;
*Neck joint used to attach the severed lizard head to the body.

Dorohedoro – Caiman collectible details:
*Lizard head with exchangeable face parts (total of 2 face parts);
*Gas mask head;
*Store’s kitchen knife with sheath x 1;
*M7 bayonet knife with sheath x 2;
*M9 bayonet with sheath x 1;
*Bento box with gyoza inside x 2 (comes with cloth wrapping);
*Comes with following exchangeable hands:
-Open hands x 1 pair;
-Fists x 1 pair;
-Hands for holding knives x 1 pair;
-Right hand holding chopsticks.