Crunchyroll now globally available on PlayStation platforms

Crunchyroll made me a happy nerd last year when it started screening Sailor Moon Crystal alongside its weekly Japanese release. It was odd insofar that the last time I was watching a new episode of an anime on a weekly basis was in the late-90s when I was watching Eva on SBS.

Anywho, the only part of the Crunchyroll experience that I didn’t enjoy was being restricted to my iPad and a screen significantly smaller than my TV. This has all changed now as Crunchyroll announced this week that the app is officially on PlayStation platforms outside the US, which is delightful news to me as my PS3 and PS4 would arguably do the job nicely and happen to be connected to the TV in the lounge. Up until now the only way to get the Crunchyroll app on PlayStation platforms was via the US store (with a US account to match of course), so this extra simplicity makes it an easier task since we’re in Australia.

From memory the Crunchyroll app has been available on other platforms, but none of which I have in the house connected to a TV. There were a couple of series’ I was interested in watching when I was using it on my iPad, so I reckon it’s time to see what’s available and give it a whirl!

Source: Crunchyroll Forums