Nendoroid Kirby – On Sale Today!

Shown off on Goodsmile’s english blog by Kahotan, Nendoroid Kirby orders open up today! Kirby is the perfect fit for the Nendoroid line and comes with loads of expressions and accessories.


Kirby comes with his inhaling, expanded and serious expressions, hat and sword, flame hat and fire effect and the star wand along with a stand to recreate Kirby’s adventures in Dream Land. Kirby’s Dream Land on the Gameboy has the special honour of being the very first game I finished on my own as a wee lad, so I think I’ll be picking this up for sure.


As an additional bonus, orders placed through GSC’s own store will receive a Maxim Tomato powerup item. Keep en eye out for Nendoroid Kirby later today!