Mass Effect’s Tali gets the Kotobukiya Bishoujo Treatment

I’m a Mass Effect tragic, so this will find its way into my collection soon enough – From Kotobukiya’s fantastic line of Bishoujo statues comes everyone’s favorite drunk Quarian – Tali’zorah in 1/7 scale. Presented in her classic purple outfit Tali is looking mighty fine.

While these statues usually have a bit more of character designer Shunya Yamashita’s personal spin on them, the masked Tali sticks a little more true to the source material than most, though unsurprisingly for this line particular attention does appear to have been paid to sculpting her butt. This looks absolutely fantastic and will be a welcome addition to many collections. The regular version should be up for preorder at your retailer of choice either now or soon so get to it, you bosh’tet!


Tali is also available in a colour variant exclusive to the Bioware store pictured below, so if the more muted version of her outfit is your thing, that’s also an option!

biware ver