Atari 2600 RGB mod on the way

Everyone’s favourite console video modder, Tim Worthington, has announced an RGB mod is forthcoming for the Atari 2600. For those playing at home, Tim’s also the genius behind the Game Gear to TV adapter, created an after-market FM synth board for the PAL and US Master System to replicate the same functionality in the official add-on for the Mark III, and most recently created the amazing NES/Famicom RGB boards. This is truly nerd excitement stuff.

I modded my console a few years back and while it certainly looks nice, being based on mamejay’s PAL-adaptation of the Longhorn Engineer’s s-video circuit, the thought of running it in RGB sounds delightful.

Pricing isn’t up on his website yet, but some info and an installation guide are live and can be viewed here. I haven’t gotten around to grabbing RGB kits for my NES and Twin Fami yet, but it looks like I have another one of his kits to add to my list, along with one of his FM synth boards for my Master System. While I’m at it I should probably grab his N64 RGB DACs for my Japanese and PAL systems; I’ve fitted an RGB amp on the video encoder on the former, but haven’t done anything with the latter.

Now all he needs to do is adapt his winning formula to suit the C64 and C128 and I’ll have another excuse to pop the tops off my C128 and C128D computers I have in the nerd room!

It also reminds me I need to track down a decent desoldering solution as my current solder sucker + desoldering braid method is time-intensive (but much cheaper) than a proper solution.