Sega Saturn classic Asuka 120% Limit Over gets fan translated

Sega Saturn classic 2D brawler Asuka 120% Burning Fest. Limited was the last official game released for the series by the original team at Fill In Cafe. I snapped the game up after reading positive reviews about it on Dave’s Sega Saturn Page back in Christmas of 1997 and it served as part of my first round of imports ordered over the internet, which was a bit of a thing 20 years ago.

(For those curious, the other titles in my first order were Marvel Super Heroes and Samurai Shodown 4, along with an EMS 4-in-1 1MB cart)

In 2007 thanks to the Lost Levels, the Limit Over patch started making the rounds in English-speaking circles, and by all accounts is a pretty big update rumoured to have been put together by the original developers despite the sad fact that they went bust shortly after releasing the Saturn title. Some of the functions in the PlayStation sequel, such as a third strength level for standard attacks, appear in the patch for example. This translation by Misty De Mio takes the remaining Japanese text for the character names and inserts some really nice looking tiles to replace them. I haven’t played Limit Over myself, but the original game had a great little story mode so I’m assuming Limit Over has removed this in favour of more fighting goodness and isn’t mentioned in Misty’s notes.

For the full writeup, patch and technical awesomeness, head over to The Future Is Now website. My Japanese Saturn isn’t ready to run homebrew yet having been a more recent pickup (my workhorse PAL Saturn blew up when I misjudged some points on the internal PSU when installing an additional capacitor to assist with filtering noise that was affecting the +9v line; the poor thing hasn’t even been region and 50/60hz modded yet!), but once it’s ready to go I’ll make sure I check out the Limit Over patch and the new fan translation.