Transformers: Devastation makes my heart sing

I missed this amazingness during the E3 news overload:

Looks like Platinum Games is on development duties, Peter Cullen is back as Optimus Prime and you can attack Decepticons by drift-smashing them with your trailer. I get excited at the prospects of anything G1 Transformers goodness by default, but I’m positively buzzing now.

Timing-wise it’s pretty interesting too – I have some Combiner Wars goodies in the post and have been going back to the High Moon-developed Cybertron games on PS3 lately and have been really enjoying them. I didn’t put in a lot of time when they first came out, but I figured it’s better late than never.

But yes, Platinum Games mechanics in a Transformers action game sounds just… sublime.

We’ll apparently see it before the year’s end too. Can’t wait.

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