Shenmue 3 gets a PlayStation 4 physical release on Kickstarter

Everyone out there with a soul knows that the announcement of Shenmue 3 at E3 was possibly one of humanity’s greatest moments ever. I know I had difficulty functioning after catching up on the news over lunch at work as my brain was positively loaded with cotton wool and felt numb. The Final Fantasy 7 remake news and Last Guardian reveal were also fantastic, but honestly… Shenmue 3. Right?

Anyway, to the credit of Ys Net and their campaign managers, all physical copy reward tiers will now be able to choose a PlayStation 4 copy. Glad I waited as I would have otherwise settled for one of the lower tiers to secure a copy on PSN. Now the problem is deciding how much to cash to allocate to the Kickstarter.

This reminds me of when my younger brother and I invested in the original XBox when it came out. For me the decision was based on the combination of Dead Or Alive 3, Jet Set Radio Future, Panzer Dragoon Orta and the promise of Shenmue 3. It was a good thing the others were worth the price of admission since we only ever saw a slightly enhanced port of Shenmue 2. Especially Orta. I’m terrible at it now, but I fired up my old save a few months back and I managed to get a shot-down ratio around 95% for the whole game on the hardest difficulty back in the day. Madness. Kinda like my Phantasy Star 2 save file that’s still alive despite science suggesting the cart’s CR2032 battery should be dead. Level 35 Rolf/Rudo/Anna/Amy taking out Mother Brain. Such awesomeness, much grinding…