The Team

The Anime Inferno team are an odd mixture of people. You can find out more about us by reading our bio’s below. They may be self-indulgent, but that’s okay – we’re confident it’s a sign of healthy narcissism, which the internet assures me is perfectly healthy.

Jack of all trades, master of none

Adam, along with his best mate Sean set out to create an uber awesome Australian anime community many moons ago and the end result was Anime Inferno. A website that didn’t take itself too seriously and was a bit of fun for the typical anime fan to download a cool wallpaper, read the latest review or start a flame war at the forum.

Sean introduced Adam to his love of anime – screening VHS fansubs of classics like Berserk, Akira, Porco Rosso & Wings of Honneamise, it didn’t take him long to get hooked.

These days Adam works as a graphic designer, has a beautiful family and is still an avid collector of the latest Blu-Ray or DVD anime series – he even gets time to watch a bit of One Piece, mainly because his young daughter loves Luffy the pirate!

Adam also loves his video games. His first console was the Mega Drive – playing Altered Beast and Ghouls’n’Ghosts and wanting to chuck the controller at the screen and wondering why he kept on dying. In the modern day he is admittedly a Sony fanboy and likes to dabble in the occasional first person shooter, RPG or fighting game.

Uber golden fan artist of Joy

My anime and manga journey began at 5am, when I would crawl out of bed as a fresh faced 7 year old to watch Kimba and Astroboy on TV, quietly, in the darkness. Growing up with a wonderfully artistic mother, generous father and a brother as equally into gaming, sci-fi movies and anime there’s no surprise it is a large part of my life. By no means were we gaming shut-ins, but competitive and involved with our friends sharing the burden of making it through those damned underwater levels (on every platformer ever), beating the crap out of each other in Tekken and yelling insults when we died in Resident Evil. With 9 kids in the street, everyone with a different console at home the rainy days were pretty welcome.

My art also took a turn into anime and manga style after I graduated from Lion King and Disney (I could draw Simba without a reference! Woo!) and moved onto Ghibli, Pokemon and Sailor Moon. I still love drawing, and wish I had more time to immerse myself in my art like I used to, there are so many fanarts to be drawn. Now my spare time is used wisely with catching up on new manga chapters and anime episodes and movies, and stalking around art websites like DA and Instagram to look at all the beautiful, beautiful artwork.

Leader of the Peterbots

Journey to the Toy Store

In the Worlds before Iron Chap, primal chaos reigned.

Heaven sought order, but the toy can be reviewed only when its plastic has shipped.

The four worlds formed again and yet again, as endless aeons wheeled and passed.

Time and the pure essences of Heaven, the moisture of the Earth, and the powers of the Sun and the Moon
all worked upon a certain website – old as Creation, and it magically became hosted.

That website was named Anime Inferno.

Inferno Buddha, the Father Buddha, said, ‘With our gibberish we make the web.’

Elemental forces caused the website to launch: from it there came a toy-obsessed fanboy!

The nature of Iron Chap was… Irrepressible!

Admiral Eat, Sleep, Anime, Repeat.

Long ago, a creature was discovered. Its name was Matt. He was a peculiar creature with a habit of collecting games, videos, manga, and old electronic junk. It is said a relative of his, a man with the hair of an orange, sparked the interest in games and anime. Coinciding with the increasing growth of anime and manga to the west in the latter part of the 90’s, this creature hopped on the wave and surfed it into the 21st Century, revelling in anime old and new. The evolving art styles left a profound impact, inspiring him to begin drawing more than the stick figures he was used to.

Alongside his anime and manga fandom he’s been an avid gamer from a young age, the passion stemming from the Nintendo 64 and not stopping since. He occasionally still wheels out the old N64 from storage whenever the nostalgia kicks in, Super Smash Bros. being a go-to game for him. Of course, the consoles have gotten more modern and the games have become brighter now, so while the old tech head continues to thrive, his interest has set its sights to the horizon, fingers crossed for virtual reality MMO’s around the technological corner.

While times have shifted and the world has become busier, it is said Matt can still occasionally be found in his zombified state; gaming, reading manga, or watching anime. When questioned as to what he is doing, he is known to answer, “Escaping. Everyone needs to escape from reality once in a while. Too much work makes the world a dull place. Kick back, relax, and watch some anime.”

I Ship It

Subject code name: Lomenta.

Sent to earth as a baby programmed to wipe out all planetary life. Raised on a diet of primordial retro games, R rated 80s action movies and fantasy/sci fi novels.

Subject’s initial exposure to Dragon Ball Z led to the discovery of primitive internet message boards and consumption of anime and manga commenced. Strong affection for series such as Berserk and Tiger & Bunny.

Planetary annihilation mission delayed. Current primary side objectives appear to involve photography, customising Asian ball joint dolls and attempting to fit as many animals on her lap as possible. Current record stands at four.


Passionately Inarticulate

Lover of animation, storytelling, rabbits, and cosplay, Nicola is a studier of languages and a habitual obsessor of tiny details.

Aside from enjoying manga, cartoons and anime, Nicola also sews. It is said that when the night is at its most still and quiet, she can be heard wailing into the darkness as she sews, unpicks, and re-sews sleeves onto shirts. Nicola also loves games, both the set piece board kind and the electronic ones. As a child she would get her fix watching family members play Crash Team Racing and Kingdom Hearts until she graduated from excited observer to full-fledged player. Now her tastes range from first person shooters to 8-bit platformers, JRPGs and everything in between.

It’s also worth noting that she likes using drawing as a tool of procrastination, so if you ever catch her sketching, it’s because she has other things she should be doing and is trying to ignore them.

Facetious Weeb

Taking a facetious outlook in lifeI’m a guy with a diverse palate, a keen to procrastinate approach to tasks, and a sassy attitude Kinda.

I can’t say that I’ve always been into Japanese culture but it certainly seems like it has consumed all of my time nowadays. At the age of eight I broke free of my limited knowledge of videos games, being mainly Disney and Harry Potter games on the PS1, mixed in with some Nintendo classics, and fell in love with the Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series, spurring on my adventure into the JRPG genre of video games. 

Unfortunately, my introduction to anime did not go as smoothly as it did for Japanese video games. One fateful evening I stumbled across a school friend of mine watching Ouran High School Host Club, and knowing very little about anime at the time I was slightly disconcerted as I saw the Hitachiin twins staring lustily into each other’s eyes. Much has changed since that fateful encounterand it’s not uncommon to find me waiting eagerly for the next shounenshoujo, comedy, or reverse harem show. No matter the target audience, you can bet I’m into it. 

Nowadays you can see me sporting shoddy cosplays at various events, lurking on various forums while searching for any titbitof information I can scrounge up on Square Enix’s next game, amassing various collectables that make their way out of Japan, jamming to whatever anime intro takes my fancy, and generally being weeb

Just don’t expect too much from me and I’m sure that everything I do will seem like a masterpiece.

God Tier: Seer of Anime

Many years ago, I was cursed. My heart frozen and incapable of feeling emotions, I found the only things that could move me were anime and video games.

I fell in love with anime when I entered high school, started learning Japanese and joined the school’s Manga Club. Anime has since brought me a full range of emotions; rage when stupid characters do stupid things, sadness when my favourite character dies, jealousy over Tanaka-kun getting to be so lazy, happiness when I guess the end of an anime in the first episode and much, much more. I also like to cosplay, in particular I like to do gender bends. I have sewn since about year 4 and have my own sewing machine. I am also known to crochet beautiful butterflies and hats for my friends.

Unlike anime, which I have loved since about high school, I have enjoyed playing video games all my life. I still remember renting Nintendo 64 games from the video store every Friday after school and playing Pokémon Blue on the original Gameboy. Nowadays, I play most things Nintendo release and absolutely cannot handle horror games. My friends are probably poised to hold an intervention over the amount of amiibos I buy. I deny that I am obsessed, I don’t even own every single one released, only about three quarters of them.

Finally, just don’t disturb my chill and we should get along fine.

Sega/shoujo fanboy

Sean helped co-found the original Anime Inferno site in the Before time, in the long-long-ago. He rode the anime fanboy train from the early-mid 90s being raised on worn-out VHS tapes from the video rental store, SBS’s amazing cult movie spot on Saturday with his favourite presenter (and yours) Des Mangan and discovered the internet and Sailor Moon fandom in 1996 when everyone used Netscape to surf the web. He’s seen the transition from licensed and unofficial VHS distribution in Australia, to analogue fansubs, DVDs and the rise of digisubs through to BRDs and modern streaming services. This means he’s prone to getting excited over old anime with boofy hair and terrible music.

Alongside his anime fandom he’s been a passionate gamer since a child owing to being allergic to the sun (and having no soul) since he is a ginger; as gaming doesn’t care about these qualities, it was a good match. He still fervently holds a grudge against the world for not giving the Saturn more of a chance, as it is the best console ever, followed closely by the Dreamcast and Mega Drive.

Time is tight these days owing to raising a family, but he still manages to find time to fire up video games old and new, watch anime and encourage his son to love The Legend of Zelda and Journey. He’s hopeful that in the future he won’t cry whenever Steve Perry starts singing with his mighty 80s mullet.