Review: Psychic School Wars (DVD)

Psychic School Wars begins as many anime tend to, with the transfer of a new student. In this particular case, Ryoichi Kyogoku, a student proficient in telepathy, transfers to Kamakura Junior High. After a quick encounter with another student named Seki, who is somehow immune to the psychic influence, Ryoichi goes on to take over […]

Psycho-Pass Header 2

Review: Psycho-Pass Complete Season 1 (Blu-Ray)

In the year 2112 Japan enjoys a state of unrivalled peace. Due to the Sibyl System monitoring every citizen’s psychological state people with criminal dispositions are easily singled out and contained. But not even Big Brother can keep everyone in line from behind a camera. As such, it’s the responsibility of the Public Safety Bureau’s Criminal Investigation Division to […]


Review: Mekakucity Actors (DVD)

After an unfortunate accident involving a soft drink and a computer keyboard, Shintaro Kisaragi leaves his room for the first time in two years to buy a replacement. Along with Ene, a computer program living in his electronic devices, Shintaro makes his way to the nearest department store. But his day goes from bad to […]


World of Final Fantasy PAX West Trailer

The North American Square Enix YouTube has recently uploaded a trailer for World of Final Fantasy. The trailer was shown during a panel at PAX West, and features a quick 2D animated cut scene alongside the game’s usual 3D visuals. For those unfamiliar with the title, World of Final Fantasy features Lann and Reyne, siblings […]


Akira fans make CGI Animated short

Fans of the 1980’s manga and movie Akira have made their own version of the title in a short animated trailer. Along with the video, one of the creators Brad Kremer, wrote about the conception of the trailer: This project started many years ago when both Dean and I lived on Tybee Island. I came […]

Final Fantasy XV Delay Header

Final Fantasy XV delayed until November

The long awaited fifteenth installment in the main series of Final Fantasy was only a month and a half away from releasing. Keyword being “was”. Last night the game’s director, Hajime Tabata, uploaded a video of him apologising for the delay along with their reasons. Starting out the video, Tabata states that work on the master version […]